Whole foods plant-based diet: Why and What?

What are the health benefits of a plant-based diet? Lower risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes Lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar Healthy weight May slow the progression of certain types of cancer Use fewer medications Lower food costs Save the environment EAT YOURSELF INTO A HEALTHY LIFE! Reducing meat, dairy prodcts, eggs,... Continue Reading →

People Crying While Watching Movies

People who cry at movies are known  to be weepies. Even the ones who are crying are very embarrassed about that. Our society has conditioned us in associating tears to weakness.  People who cry in sad movies are compassionate people with a lot of empathy. Moreover, they are highly imaginative. They are able to feel... Continue Reading →

What a Syrian Refugee Can Teach Us

Couple of days ago I decided to learn Arabic, one of the most difficult languages on earth. After posting a request on Facebook and asking for someone who was willing to give me some advice on where to find a school to learn the language, I received many messages of refugees living in the city... Continue Reading →

Health Benefits – (2) Bean Sprouts

What is it? Bean sprouts are a common ingredient across the world. They are particularly common in Eastern Asian cuisine. Sprouts were chritisized in international media a few years ago. Some legumes, including sprouts, can contain bacteria, toxins or antinutritional factors, which can be reduced by soaking, sprouting and cooking (e.g., stir frying). Some say... Continue Reading →

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