Amsterdam- Top 5 Places To Eat

If you are spending a weekend in Amsterdam, I have the perfect collection of places to eat for affordable prices. As you may have heard the Dutch are not known for their cuisine! So most of my recommendations will be non-dutch restaurants or dishes.

  1.  Gs
    – Have brunch here at this very alternative place
    – Check out the great egg benedicts!
    – slow service but definitely worth waiting
  2. Omelegg – City Centre
    – Breakfast/ Brunch
    – Cute place
    – many omlette options (even sweet ones)

  3. Pancakes Amsterdam
    – Dutch and american pancakes severd
    – “Tussendoortje” – there is always space for pancakes so whenever you want go and get some!
    – My favorite is the goat cheese, spinach and bacon one!!!
  4. Tibet
    – The Atmosphere is breathtaking!!! Beam yourself to the Himalayas, and meet the Dalai Lama on one of the many pictures on the wall.
    – Try one of the sizzling dishes and my favorite: the spicy eggplants!!!
  5. Miss Korea
    – a totally different dinner experience for all meat lovers!
    – Korean BBQ on your own table

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